About the profession

106442745 mAircraft maintenance specialists work in airlines and aircraft maintenance and repair bases. They are responsible for the serviceability of various types of aircraft. Aviation specialists inspect, maintain, modify, and repair aircraft structures, engines, and avionics. During the maintenance of the aircraft in the hangar, a large amount of work is also carried out on inspection, full or partial repair of the plane's hull, and removal of the corrosion from the elements of the aircraft's structure. Aviation aircraft maintenance specialists are one of the key elements in ensuring flight safety, whose activities, as well as flight safety itself, are regulated by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). In the aviation legislation of many countries, EASA regulations are fundamental.
The first step in getting a profession is the mastering of the basic training program, the training programs on the type of aircraft, which include the theoretical and practical part.
The training program covers engineering, as well as an introduction to avionics, aircraft structures, jet engines, and systems. Upon completion of the training program, students receive an aviation school diploma and EASA PART-66 certificates. Further on the way to obtaining the license (AML - Aircraft Maintenance License) for 2 years you work at the aviation enterprises, performing a certain type of work, as a result you get the right to apply for a license. The AML-Aircraft Maintenance License of an aircraft maintenance specialist is the professional pinnacle under which the owner qualifies as an aircraft maintenance and repair engineer. This license is internationally recognized, in the EASA regulation - aviation technician - mechanic category B.1., Aviation technician-avionicist category B.2. Category B. 2. allows to carry out technical inspection of the avionics and electronics of the aircraft. And indeed, only a specialist of category B. . has access to the technical inspection of the aircraft with the permission to sign the Certificate of admission to the operation of the aircraft after the technical inspection (the "Release to Service" authority»). It is worth noting that in the EASA gradation there is a category A-aircraft Mechanic, the owners of this category have access only to perform small scheduled work and eliminate simple defects. But it is impossible to perform aircraft maintenance without representatives of category A. The professions of aviation specialists in aircraft maintenance are among the most responsible, demanded and highly paid in the field of aviation.

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